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Identify dolls for collectors, buyers or sellers of dolls in all eras & types, we include photos, full descriptions & detailed doll markings Biggest Online Resource Identifying Dolls Antique to Modern.

Sep 06,  · Collecting antique dolls is a popular hobby that can be both enjoyable and used as an investment for the collector. Checking the manufacturer's mark is the best way to identify the type and era of an antique 15K.

If the manufacturer is not named in the mark, check doll reference books to determine who's mark it is. Many reference books will list marks in an appendix, alphabetized or in numerical order. Many antique dolls are marked with a mold number, and the mold number may be enough to identify the maker of the doll.

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Probably the best resource for antique doll identification is the internet. The internet provides an abundance of information about dolls, all kinds of dolls. It can be time-consuming, yet cost-effective. Before searching the internet for a doll id, you will need to know several things about the doll.