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Aug 04,  · HIV is a virus that is carried in blood, semen, and vaginal fluids. None of these substances can pass through an intact latex condom, a polyurethane male condom, or a polyurethane internal condom. Latex and internal condoms are the most effective way for people who have vaginal and anal intercourse to reduce the risk of HIV and other sexually Author: Emily Pisacreta.

Condoms also protect against other STIs. Oil-based lubricants should not be used with latex condoms, as they can cause the latex to break down and could allow HIV/AIDS to pass through. Natural membrane condoms may also allow the HIV/AIDS virus to pass through.

No similar data exist for the effectiveness of internal condoms at reducing the risk of HIV transmission through vaginal or anal sex; however, because they are also made of material that does not let HIV pass through, and they have low rates of failure, they are likely to be of similar effectiveness.

Jan 13,  · I was taught that the HIV/Aids virus it self is much smaller then the pores in condoms, and that the virus can and will pass through the pores. Is this true, because, I have been searching the interne.

Aug 11,  · Can HIV be transmitted through a condom? Q and A. Question Can HIV be transmitted through a condom? 11 August Related: All topics, HIV transmission, Sexual health. I am 19 years old and recently had sex with someone and I didn’t know their HIV status.