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Estim, electrosex & electrostim sound files for BDSM | mp3 electro sex wave files

Sound Files for Estim and Electro Sex Sessions. We’ve listened to your comments and we’ve asked around the community. Here is a selection of estim sound files, both wav and mp3, processed to high quality stereo files and normalised to safe sound levels, which our users have contributed.

Basic pulse wave 3 - mp3 version Basic pulse wave 3 - ogg version Basic pulse wave 3 - waveform Basic pulse wave 3 - spectrogram Basic pulse wave 3 Currently /5 Stars.

naughtyelectron’s MP3 Stim Files. I especially like the Pulsinator Suite. If you want to know more about using your stereo, computer, or iPod to make electrical waves you can shoot your load to, check out my post: stereo-stimming-with-your-erostek-etb.

Sep 24,  · The finest in electro stimulating audio creation and generation, providing truly organic wave shaping technology and content. We are audio engineers with a passion for E-Stim. Offering audio files and estim sounds in wav or mp3.

E-Stim Systems Free E-Stim Audio Files - Creators of the ultimate in e-stim electrostim electrosex technology and equipment. With a wide range of powerboxes, and bipolar or monopolar insertables for both him and her.