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Why is same sex marriage so controversial? america controversial guide historical in issue marriage same sex

Jun 13,  · The case was sent back to a lower court but voters approved a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage before the courts settled the issue. Although a gay marriage was never performed in Hawaii, the issue gained national attention and prompted over 40 states over the next decade to pass Defense of Marriage Acts (DOMAs) that defined.

Apr 17,  · As same-sex couples sought the same legal recognition and protections that heterosexual couples enjoy, they challenged state bans in courts. Many courts that sided with them took the view that marriage is a right guaranteed to everyone under the U.S. Constitution, and discrimination based on sexual orientation is makkelijk.info: Stephen Kaufman.

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Same sex marriage rights have been a very controversial issue in both political and religious circles. While same sex marriage is seen in early history, the debate for gay marriage rights has become a very heated debate.

Feb 05,  · Ever since the debate about same sex marriage was launched last year I've been wondering what all the fuss is about. Obviously, opening what has previously been an exclusively heterosexual legal status to couples of the same gender was going to cause some controversy.