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Lacerations are tears in the tissues. They may be repaired by suturing or sewing, but small ones will heal with normal care. When Should You See a Doctor for Post Partum Perineal Problems? If you have recently delivered a baby, call your doctor if any of the following symptoms occur: Postpartum Perineal Care Follow-up and Treatment. See.

Sep 24,  · For continuing care, treatments, or home services, ask for more information. What should I know about vaginal discharge after childbirth? You will have a vaginal discharge called "lochia" after delivery. Wear perineal pads (peri-pads) in your underwear to absorb the .

Sep 22,  · Home Nursing Care Plans Maternal and Newborn Care Plans 8 Postpartum Hemorrhage Nursing Care Plans. Apply counterpressure on labial or perineal lacerations. Use caution when performing vaginal and rectal examinations. May increase hemorrhage if cervical, vaginal, or perineal lacerations or hematomas are present. Note: Careful Author: Paul Martin, BSN, R.N.

A perineal tear or laceration often forms on its own during a vaginal birth. Rarely, this tear will also involve the muscle around the anus or the rectum. (The last two problems are not discussed here.) Both episiotomies and perineal lacerations require stitches to repair and ensure the best healing.

This topic presents information on routine postpartum perineal care as well as evaluation and management of delivery-related perineal complications. Despite the importance of postpartum perineal care, there is little evidence to guide management; the information in this topic is based largely on our clinical experience.