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Dec 01,  · "A midget sub was able to penetrate America's greatest fortress in and deliver a crippling blow to the battle line of the Pacific Fleet. Major funding for .

NOVA; During WWII, the Japanese Navy deployed hundreds of different sorts of submarines, but on December 7th, , they debuted a particularly secret weapon—the Type A Ko-Hyoteki midget sub.

In , a research team assembled by the PBS television series Nova positively identified the remains of a midget sub found outside the Pearl Harbor entrance as being the last, No, of the 5 Ko-Hyoteki that participated in the December 7, , makkelijk.infoors: Empire of Japan.

Dec 11,  · At p.m. on August 28, , the Pisces IV and Pisces V, two deep diving submersibles operated by the Hawai‘i Undersea Research Laboratory (HURL), found the Japanese midget submarine which was the first vessel sunk in the attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7th,

Mar 05,  · makkelijk.info An interview with my neighbor Jay Finnern who was on the USS Monaghan during the attack on Pearl Harbor. Jay was a witness to the.