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May 05,  · Porn Star Stories: I sat down with Red who is notorious for his role in the industry, and I have to say that this was a pleasant interview for me. Watch and learn about this open, and cool guy.

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Apr 18,  · Too Hott Too Handle: The Carlito Exclusive So here it is my exclusive interview from hott boy Carlito. He was completely honest about everything I asked and really gave the viewers an insight on his life. carlito u are my best pornstar i would love to meet you. Reply Delete. Replies.

Carlito's Biography Carlito Rockafella was born in St. Louis, Missouri and thinks of himself as a small town boy. Carlito debuted in the adult industry when he was just 18 years old, admitting that at first it was a survival tactic to make some money, but he has grown to love the industry and is proud of his career.

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