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The term recurrent breast cancer in medical imaging is given to recurrence of malignancy within the same breast at or close to the resection bed more than two years following surgical excision. Epidemiology The rate of local recurrence may be a.

In our study in the remaining patients who did not have a recurrent cyst on weeks follow up, cancer was detected in seven patients. These seven patients had abnormal mammograms (M5, M4 and M3) and were subjected to further investigations.

Oct 12,  · I have a breast cyst, cervical dysplasia, cervictis, an endometrial polyp, an ovarian cyst and now a suspicious mole to have removed. I'm not particularly reassured since most of those conditions have to be monitored over time or removed. Hence, the doctor shuffle. I'll see the breast surgeon just to get their blessing that everything is ok.

Every woman who has had breast cancer wonders if it will come back. For some women it does, and for others it doesn't. When breast cancer comes back, it's called recurrence. Breast cancer can.

Locoregional Recurrent Breast Cancer. Treatment of locoregional recurrent breast cancer (cancer that has come back after treatment in the breast, in the chest wall, or in nearby lymph nodes), may include the following: Chemotherapy. Hormone therapy for tumors that are hormone receptor positive.