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The charmed ones especially Piper are about to learn a whole new side to their white lighter, when an even more secretive and twice as mysterious stranger from the future collapses in the attic in front of Piper, shouting for Chris until the consciousness is lost.

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The Other Halliwell's- Charmed & Buffy The Vampire Slayer Crossover. Buffy and Dawn Summer's parents are Joyce and Hank Summers. Joyce's real name is Paisleigh Priscilla Joyce Halliwell- but due to a fight she had with her mother, she left home. Joyce was Prue, Piper, Phoebe and Sam's aunty. When Joyce dies, Buffy and Dawn are left in the custody of Prue.

Summary: Summary: In the first book of the series, the crews arrive expecting to celebrate Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann's wedding but discover that Governor Swann has stooped to new lows and will stop at nothing, not even selling Will into the city's newly-created black market, to keep his daughter from marrying a Pirate. Governor Swann has not, however, taken into consideration Jack's love.