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May 01,  · Causes of belly button discharge include infections, surgery, and cysts. Bacterial infection. The average belly button is home to nearly 70 different types Author: Stephanie Watson.

Jul 05,  · Bleeding from your bellybutton can have several different causes. Three of the most likely causes are infection, a complication from portal hypertension, or primary umbilical endometriosis. Keep Author: Kelli Hansen, RN, CMCN, CSA, CDP.

Jul 31,  · Belly button discharge, which can come with a foul-smelling odor, can signal something might be wrong. usually an allergy to nickel that a navel ring is made of, or an allergy to nickel in a.

Sep 29,  · As you can see, some of the causes of belly button discharge are not of great concern, but others can lead to serious medical problems. If you have a discharge, or your belly button is giving off a smell you must be examined by a doctor. This will help prevent a simple and treatable issue from becoming a major problem.

Oct 30,  · A look at belly button discharge, where an infection or other condition can cause a discharge. Included is detail on when to see a doctor and Jon Johnson.