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Before menopause, when the vagina is well supplied with estrogen, its lining is thicker and has more folds, allowing it to stretch with intercourse and childbirth. After menopause, when levels of estrogen are low, the vaginal lining is thinner and has fewer folds, which makes it less flexible.

Changes in the vagina during menopause and after it can be very significant. Maximum vaginal and vulvar comfort becomes crucial at this time of women's life, and there are several ways to prevent sexual side effects of menopause to the makkelijk.info: Anna Klepchukova, MD.

Aug 31,  · Get the facts on why and how your vagina changes during menopause – from feminine dryness to vaginal tightness – and learn what you can do to keep it fit and healthy.

Apr 26,  · If vaginal discomfort isn't your only (or main) menopause-related issue—perhaps you're also having hot flashes, mood swings, and sleep disturbances—then systemic estrogen in Author: Sarah Kovac.

Apr 29,  · As if puberty and childbirth weren’t enough, your vagina—and the surrounding area—are in for many more changes as you get older, especially after menopause strikes. Sadly, these changes aren't oft-discussed topics, meaning we’re typically uninformed and woefully unprepared for the realities Author: makkelijk.info