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does microsoft require adult verification

Jul 02,  · Why does Microsoft want to charge me to do another adult verification? While COPPA does allow the use of a credit card for a valid transaction as a valid form of age verification, it does not require said transaction to be separate or independent from any other valid credit card purchase.

Aug 30,  · Helping kids explore technology safely is one of Microsoft’s top goals. You may get prompted to receive or give parental consent if you live in a region that requires permission to create an account and access services like, Skype, and Xbox.

Jun 15,  · So I'm very frustrated right now I just recently purchased a Nokia phone for my daughter. When I try to setup an account all is fine since she is a minor it requires an adult. That's all great I like that feature. However to prove to I'm an adult I have to provide my Credit Cards! That's absurd! I know with Android you don't have to provide a CC to create an account.

Dec 15,  · I agree with you on the article content. however the title “Microsoft Account: How to Verify You’re an Adult without a U.S.-based Credit Card” is totally misleading. There is nothing in Author: Jack Busch.

Verify your account to prove that you're a human and not an automated program that sends spam.