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Jun 13,  · Do Tetracycline Antibiotics Stain Your Teeth? I've heard that both Doxycycline and other Tetracycline antibiotics stain your teeth yellow. Is there any truth to this or is this just a rumor? This leads to loss of tooth structure and the need for crowns as soon as the early adult years. The good news is that after age 10, you can take these.

Oct 03,  · Common Antibiotic May Affect Tooth Enamel. It happens when teeth are exposed to too much fluoride when tooth enamel is forming. patterns can Author: Miranda Hitti.

May 28,  · Although tooth discoloration has not been identified as a public health problem, there is a trend toward the use of agents for whitening or lustering teeth. Drugs, mouth rinses, physical agents, or common environmental chemicals can adversely affect human teeth during their embryonic; development and after their eruption into the oral cavity. (1).

Tetracycline has been on the market for over 60 years and is used in the treatment of many infections, but can cause permanent staining of the teeth if used in children less than the age of 8.

Can the Drug Clindamycin cause teeth to stain as well as the tongue turn black This topic is answered by a medical expert.