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(A word of warning: although this story contains loving Han/Luke/Leia and Han/Luke scenes, it is much more slanted to Luke/Leia interactions, and fans of just HLL, Han/Luke or Han/Leia may be disappointed by it in that regard.) If loving, consensual incest between two fictional adults is not your thing, please proceed no further. Series.

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Star Wars: Luke and Leia's Secret "Well, we are at a great disadvantage now that the Emperor and Lord Vader are dead." Warlord Qui-ming said, at a meeting of the combined Warlord Forces. "We are well aware of that," Qui-Ming's rival, Swing, said. "Enough.".

Apr 18,  · When scanning the Star Wars archive for today’s story, I noticed a great many requests for consensual Luke and Leia slash fiction. I found that strange. I mean, I saw at least a dozen Vader/Luke romances (some of them involving time travel); it was hard for me to imagine that those crazy kids were shying away from the makkelijk.info: Rob Bricken.

Please do not continue if "adult" fanfic offends you. Note: This was one of the first fics I wrote so go easy on it. They didn't know that the consequences of Luke's revelation that they were twins had just hit her. "Its I mean, there's not much you can do." That Luke and Leia would just live there lives as friends and never discover.