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May 02,  · Everything You Should Know About Ear Infections in Adults Symptoms. There are three main types of ear infections. Causes. Ear infections are often caused by bacterial infections. Risk factors. One of the reasons children are more likely than adults to get ear infections Author: James Roland.

Jul 31,  · Adults get them, too, but youngsters have them much more often. That’s because they don’t fight off viruses and bacteria as well, and their little ears aren’t good at draining fluids yet. You or.

Common symptoms of a middle ear infection in adults are: Pain in 1 or both ears. Drainage from the ear. Muffled hearing. Sore throat.

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Apr 19,  · Ear infections (also known as otitis media) are a common problem for infants and children, but they can occur in adults as well. Nearly 90% of children will have at least one ear infection by age three. Infections can become quite painful because the 60%(5).